More computer work; Jenny takes us on an impromptu tour of the Galway gay scene; The Crane again

I’d planned to take another day to work on the sites - still labouring under the delusion that if I made just one more big push I could get it all done - so I left Tanya’s place early and went back to the hotel. The internet connection there was so terrible that I wasn’t able to get very much done at all and had to resort to working on the design, for which I didn’t require connectivity. Even that was frustrating, reminding me constantly of my shortcomings as a designer. I was eventually able to come up with something I liked, though, and two professional designers have since told me it’s a great design, so I must be doing something right.

I wasn’t in a happy mood when Sheryl dropped in, bringing a woman she’d met (in fact, we’d bought crèpes from her stall the day before in the market). I’d have much preferred to keep working, but it was impossible to do that without being rude to the crèpe woman, a brash and personable sort named Jenny. So I trailed behind them. They’d been hanging out together all day, and given Sheryl’s knack of being best friends with anyone she’s known loner than five minutes, their conversation flowed like a river. My head was still full of code and I felt very dull and unsocial, but I did my best to fake enthusiasm and social skills.

Jenny dragged us along behind her from bar to bar, where she greeted everyone she knew - which was everyone - like old friends. She was a veteran of Galway’s gay scene and she took us on an inadvertent tour of some of the city’s lesbian hangouts when she herself was shanghaied by another woman. For a while there I was feeling decidedly surplus to requirements, but that eased off and the evening became a bit more gender-inclusive.

We made a quick stop at Tanya’s to drop my bag and grab some food - Jenny ragging us about our poor diet all the while - and then it was off to more pubs. We hit Galway’s most famous venue, the Roisin Dubh, which was disappointingly just a bar, and then back to the Crane again to finish off the evening. There was no session there this time, only a guitarist, a fiddler and one other musician, but it was still quite listenable.

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