The second-stupidest thing I've ever done on a bicycle; Armin returns

Cycling didn’t work out nearly as well today as it did yesterday - rental bikes need constant tuning and the island roads had been too much for ours as the chain kept jamming between the cassette and the rear dropout of mine since the derailleur indexing had gone off. So the morning was frustrating, though we did manage to find the island’s cemetery and a circular labyrinth made of stones, to which we added a few as requested before departing.

Time had run out on us to return the bikes, but the thought of riding them the four kilometers to Kilronan, walking back, and then walking back again with the packs made us extremely unhappy, and so we hatched the hare-brained scheme of riding the bikes with our packs on. This certainly ranks as the second-stupidest thing I’ve ever done on a bike (the first being riding two bikes at once across Toronto) but it worked surprisingly well after one initial crash in which Sheryl nearly split her head open against a brick wall (saved, ironically, by the same pack that had caused her to fall over) and it let us have more time before catching the ferry. I used the time to say goodbye to my one-eyed orange friend, and then we took a walk outside of town.

As we boarded the ferry for Rossaveel, we caught sight of a familiar head of blond dreadlocks walking past - Armin. We dropped everything (including our cookies!) and ran to catch him. He’d been on the island all day and had replaced us as his travelling companions with a cute Swiss girl whose name escapes me. We made arrangements to meet in Galway City once we arrived.

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