Return to Ngepi Camp in Namibia; Elton's thirtieth birthday and the Garbage Bag Party

We left Umvuvu Camp at the edge of the Delta in the morning of the 22nd and retraced our steps back across the Namibian border to Ngepi Camp with the funny toilets. Again we had to stop for the ferry, the border and for grocery-shopping, so again it took nearly all day to go a hundred kilometers.

The 23rd was Elton’s (our tour guide’s) 30th birthday and he was spectacularly unhappy about the idea. I remember my own thirtieth and how much it depressed me, and so do most of the people on the tour, so we were all gentle with him. Unfortunately this meant he got to come up with one of his insane party theme ideas, like the Fancy Dress Party a few weeks back. There seem to be a few campsite-specific overland traditions, though, and he went with it this time. Ngepi’s party tradition is the Bin Liner Party, in which you design a costume out of trash bags. Just like last time with the dresses, though, Elton put his own spin on it and we didn’t get to design our own but had to pick names out of a hat. I drew Kate, Big Lee’s wife from London, and Sheryl had me (for which I was grateful). I designed a nun’s costume with dress, habit and rosary (it’s a good thing I’m not Catholic or I’d probably be excommunicated for making a rosary out of garbage bags) and Sheryl made me a cool Native American outfit complete with head-dress, tomahawk and bow and arrows. Sheryl had a Jane Fonda costume with leg-warmers and glitter courtesy of Rebecca, and carried it off quite well with her brand-new arm muscles. Elton took his revenge on Adam (the driver) for unspecified offences by making him a diaper and nothing else. Elton himself soon gave up his costume in favour of a leopard-print leotard belonging to the bar, which they only bring out on special occasions. Better him than me - I don’t think that thing’s ever been washed. Anyway the party was a smashing success and we all managed to distract Elton from his old-age-induced melancholy for the evening. I think his hangover accomplished the same thing today, which is his actual birthday.

The infamous Garbage Bag Rosary


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