Lusaka to Livingstone; Sticker-shock for the optional excursions

Another long boring day on the truck began with loading up in a rainstorm. None of us were in especially good moods so the truck was very quiet. For the ones leaving the tour at Livingstone this was the last drive - about half of them. Not so lucky for us, though.

Livingstone is near the famous Victoria Falls, but not very near. We reached the campground in midafternooon and were immediately shuffled off to a presentation by the excursion comapny that Dragoman uses. I was unhappy having to watch a sales pitch anyway - I just wanted them to give me a price list and knock it off with the hard sell - but when I did see the price list I wished I hadn’t. There were lot of cool excursions - an elephant safari, a liom encounter, whitewater rafting, ultralight flights and lots more - but the prices were all through the roof. Honestly, looking at them I felt so taken advantage of that I was instantly pissed off. All the good stuff was around the $150 mark. We’d already spent so much more on one optional excursion than we’d wanted to (the Serengeti game drive in Tanzania) that I wasn’t happy about breaking the bank again, but I didn’t really want to sit around the campground doing nothing either. We settled on a day of whitewater rafting for the next morning and a sunset cruise for the evening after that. Neither of us were really interested in the cruise, but everyone else was doing it and it was looking like it would be the big goodbye party for the breakup of the first half of the tour, so we went along with it.

In the evening we mostly just killed time - there’s not an awful lot to do at this campground except sit at the bar or the pool and watch the tamarind blossoms falling.

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