Munich; Psychotic church clock; Buskers and dragons

With Oktoberfest over, Munich is littered with trash and broken glass, but under the garbage it was a nice enough city. We wandered and tooke care of a few errands, and had lunch at the food market in the centre of town. The only weird note was a truly hideous clock in the Marienplatz with jerky animated wooden figures and bells that badly needed tuning. It seemed that every time we walked through - and that was often, it’s the main square - it was on the hour and the bloody thing was clanging and twitching away. The church it lived in was a Rococo monstrosity, but it had some excellent dragon sculptures, so Sheryl was happy. I think she misses her geckos.

Munich’s other nice feature is its buskers - they were everywhere in the town centre. Of course there were the usual guitars, accordions and such, but we also saw a full string quartet and, if you can believe it, one man with a grand piano! Who busks with a piano? He was amazing to hear and he was very good, but I can’t imagine having the thing moved twice a day, the expense would be ruinous. I selfishly enjoyed it, though.


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