Sibiu to Zagreb, Croatia; Killing time in Mediaş, again; Night train to Zagreb; Zagreb on a Sunday is a pretty boring place

We took the day after our big hiking misadventure as a rest day, mostly. It took us an hour each to sort out and re-pack everything, and we took the opportunity to cook ourselves a good dinner again. There was another medieval festival in the big square - it was a lot sillier than the one we’d seen in Suceava, but still fun. There were musicians and lots of people dressed up.

Our train left at 7 in the evening. We changed trains in Mediaş after a two-hour wait, and boarded the Zagreb-bound train. We had couchettes - I’d just as soon have saved the money and slept sitting up, but I have to admit that I slept a lot better with the couchette. We shared with a nice but rather strange Romanian and American couple. The conductor confiscated our train passes for the duration of the trip - why, I’m not quite sure - maybe as hostages for the return of the linen? The border was easy. The guards woke us up leaving Romania, and I went back to sleep after the second set of guards entering Croatia. We were worried a bit about missing our stop, since the train continued to Zurich and we didn’t want to wake up in Switzerland, but my internal alarm clock was functioning and woke me up with 20 minutes before Zagreb.

We had reservations at a hostel, and we knew how to get there - our directions said it was five stops on the number six tram. Only five stops, we thought - that’s nothing. The stops turned out to be really far apart, though, and it took us an hour to walk to the hostel.

Zagreb on a Sunday afternoon is quite boring, really. There’s nothing much open and nothing really to do but wander around and see the monuments. The architecture is very bland and generic, and the town is tourist-sanitary. We found a silly little bar with a Lord of the Rings themed menu, and had hot chocolate - or rather, their purportedly famous variation on hot chocolate, which was hot chocolate pudding, I rather thought. Dinner and then a walk back to the hostel, and a night in a tiny room which had somehow had six beds crammed into it. One of them held a loud snorer so it was an earplug in one ear and an iPod earphone in the other for me. In the morning we decided to take a train for Split in the south of Croatia on the Adriatic coast, find a nice beach and lie on it for a few days. Our train didn’t leave until 3, so that left us with a few hours to kill, so we ran errands and hung out in the park until it was time to go.


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