Haystacks and farmers; I spend another night working on the websites;

The afternoon was spent in riding around the farming areas near to Sighet, watching the farmers build haystacks. I kept thinking of them, horrifyingly, as “peasants”, which I tried to force myself not to do. It was easy to slip into the terminology, though, since farming life in Maramureş has changed very little in the past few centuries. Farming is still accomplished using traditional methods, with hand tools and horses. Even the clothing was very old-fashioned, though the shoes and boots were perfectly contemporary, I noticed. I had a very strong feeling of familiarity - the people reminded me of Amish communities I’ve seen. Just a different example of the same resistance to change, I suppose. The Maramureş farmer’s technological backwardness is a function of poverty, though, rather than the Amish “negotiation” with technology.

The hot August sun stole all our energy from us, and we decided to head back to the hostel around 6pm for dinner. There was another barbecue party that night, but I was feeling very tired and not much like being in company. There was some work that needed to be done on the websites, so I hid with the computer and took care of that. It took me much longer than expected, and I didn’t get much sleep that night. Probably stupid of me, but once I’d gotten started I couldn’t leave the job half-done - and I knew besides that the next morning would be slow, since we were going to be spending most of the day in a car to Suceava in Bucovina.

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