Disappearing for a while

We’re going hiking for a few days in the Făgăraş Mountains. They’re known to be treacherous and difficult at any time of year, so if I haven’t reported our successful return after, say, five days, please send out the rescue teams (no, I’m not joking). Our plan is to take the bus to Porumbacu de Jos, about an hour from Sibiu, and then walk or hitchhike to the village of Cârţişoara and then up the Transfăgăraş Road. We’re not sure where we’re sleeping - there are cabanas at 600m and 1250m, but it’s a 12km walk to the lower one and we don’t arrive in Porumbacu until 17:20 and I don’t know how much daylight we’ll have left. We have a tent and camping equipment, so if we don’t make the chalet we’ll sleep wherever we are when it gets dark.

We’ll spend probably two days in the mountains, and we probably won’t stray more than ten or fifteen kilometers from the Transfăgăraş on either side. The goal is to get to the south slope of the range to Poenari Castle (probably via hitchhiking, it’s 60km or so from Cârţişoara) and then to come around back to Sibiu via the village of Curtea de Argeş. I have my phone and there’s GSM coverage through most of the mountains, so if something goes terribly wrong I’ll be able to call for help.

Wish us luck, and hope the vampires and the bears don’t get us.


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August 25th, 2008

Ok, if I don’t hear from you I will send in the troops. Don’t forget the stakes, crosses and garlic (I can’t wait to see those pictures) oh and don’t forget about the wolves! Love ya

¬ heather liberty
August 27th, 2008

try to enjoy the hiking with this thought at the back of your mind you are travelling with my baby sister and I expect her home at some point. HAHA

Missing you both and I am so envious of your travels
Can you take more pics of the two of you or I guess get someone to take them I miss seeing your faces
love Sara

¬ sara
August 31st, 2008

Where are you???? I’m not nervous, just… Michael P is arriving day after tomorrow

¬ jan liberty
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