A quick visit to Slovakia for the Domica Cave

I was a bit disappointed by the cave we’d seen earlier in the day, but the second cave of the day was much better. I shouldn’t really say the “second” cave, since it was yet another entrance to the one huge Baradla-Domica system. We skipped across the border to the other cave entrance - a massive two-kilometer distance. Slovakia looked exactly like Hungary, we were unsurprised to discover. The border post is disused now that both countries are either part of the EU (in Hungary’s case) or aiming for EU membership (in Slovakia’s case). The Domica tour was very expensive (€18 for both). We did manage to scam another student discount, but it was a pathetic 10%. There was normally a boat tour in the cave, but we were freed from making the decision by the low water level - the subterranean river was dry. The cave was amazing, though - almost as good as Sloupsko-Šošŭvské in the Czech Republic. There were a kind of formation there that I’ve never seen before - thin, flat disks of rock hanging either perpendicularly or an an angle to the ceiling, and surrounded along their circumference by a dangling fringe of tentacle-like stalactites.

Cave Shield at Domica Cave, Slovakia

There were truly bizarre to see, and it seemed impossible both that they could have formed naturally and that they could be attached to the rock only at one point on their edges. I found out later that these are called “cave shields”.

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