Two days of downtime in Vienna; In which we sneak away like thieves in the night (or morning anyway); Vienna to Budapest; In search of an ATM

Our last two days in Vienna accomplished nothing worth discussing. Sheryl used the first day to rest and the second to caption photos, and I used both days to catch up on my writing for this site. Somewhere in there we managed to buy groceries and see a movie at one of Vienna’s English-language cinemas. It was the opening night so I thought it might be a good idea to reserve tickets, but there were all of twenty people in attendance so I needn’t have bothered.

We’d only paid for two nights at the campground. At around €20 per night for the two of us, it’s not a cheap place to stay, though still half the price of a hostel. But still, since we’d been there for four nights and no one had bothered to ask us for payment for the last two, we took the opportunity to sneak away like a couple of deadbeats without paying for them. €5 per person, per night is a lot easier to swallow for a campground, even if it did have grass.

It was a quick and easy jaunt to Budapest from Vienna. The landscape is much the same - fertile rolling hills on both sides of the border. We arrived in Budapest’s Kelenföld station to find it looking like a war-zone, all dirt, plywood and construction equipment. Since we had no Hungarian money, the first task was to find some. I left Sheryl guarding the packs and went off in search of an ATM. Our guidebook said that Budapest was liberally sprinkled with them, but finding one turned out to be difficult - I walked for half an hour down Bartók Béla út in the heat with no water before one turned up, and was feeling the cold prickles of heatstroke by the time I arrived back at the station. I was disappointed that I’d been on a mission and hadn’t been able to stop and take any photos, because there were a hundred things I wanted to shoot during the walk - lots of good utility covers, too. I think Budapest is going to be a more inspiring city for photos than Vienna was.

The hostel we’re staying at is only ten minutes walk from the train station, and has helpfully painted directional arrows on the pavement all the way from the station to the front walk, so finding it was a piece of cake. It’s a new house converted to a hostel. Everyone staying here is nice and it’s a very relaxing place with a nice garden in the back. Everything is bright and clean and new, and there’s free laundry. I can’t emphasize the importance of this last, since normally hostels charge €5-7 for laundry and we’ve been hand-washing things for so long that they’re never quite clean, and start to smell again almost instantly after we put them on. The place is cheap, too - only €13 or so.

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