Lagos is a small, pretty seaside town in the south-west corner of Portugal, known for its beaches. We arrived by train in the early evening, and made the hike into town. We had directions to a guesthouse, but couldn’t find the footbridge they mentioned. A nice German couple helped us find it - turns out we were looking on the wrong side of the marina. The guesthouse was on the far side of town from the footbridge, so we got to see the entire length of town along the water. Lagos is a tourist centre, so it’s not cheap here, but the woman who runs the guesthouse told us about a good, cheaper restaurant, so we went there for dinner. There’s a kitchen we could have used, but it was getting late and the supermarkets were all closing, and we were both craving a nice fish dinner. I had swordfish, which I’d been wanting since before Granada. After dinner we took a walk around the town and outside the walls. Inside the walls it’s party-central, with drunk British people everywhere, but outside the walls it’s calm and quiet and nice. We found a campsite to stay at for the next few days - it looks acceptable, but they require you to leave your passport with them until you leave, which makes me very unhappy. It seems to be the only game in town though, and €11 per night for a campsite beats €35 for a guesthouse.


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July 10th, 2008

Hi guys! Haven’t made it to Lagos on our Portugal trip, but hope you’ll visit Sintra. What a magical place! Not cheap either, as it’s very touristy, but well worth it. Let me know if you are and I’ll look up some info for you.
Fish in Portugal is amazing, if you have a chance try caldeirada, fish/seafood stew. The portions are usually huge, great for sharing.
Have fun!

¬ klaudia
July 11th, 2008

What with a recuperating dog that was as good as a newborn for 5 weeks or so and associated other complications, I fell behind with you photos and dispatches. As a consequence, I spent a lot of time catching up that should have(?)been devoted to other things. Your orange tree is amazing. I decided not to send a photo because, in light of the ones you’ve seen on your trip, he’d feel somewhat inadequate but as a Canadian orange tree we feel he’s doing very well. About 4+ feet high so far. No oranges yet! My cactuses bloomed this year and they were the same colour and luminosity as the ones in the Majorelle Garden. The cactuses were a wee bit smaller, I must admit but not bad for Canada. One question- why was Spidey not at the gardens? Would that not have been a place he’d enjoy? He seemed happy on the camel. So many amazing photos and so many impressions. Are they starting to blur at all? So far, I think my favourites are the old man with the statues in Ireland, the smiling camel(!), Sheryl in her hijab, you on your camel of course and the pictures of the dunes with the shadows. We are all living vicariously and knowing full well that we aren’t young enough/brave enough/fit enough etc… You both look incredibly healthy. Loved the pictures of Gibralter and the Apes- sorry to hear bout the Ape pee. Time to walk the invalid before dark. Thinking of you both and am so glad you’re having such a fabulous time.

¬ jan liberty
July 12th, 2008

Alas, Spidey can’t be everywhere or the audience would get bored. There’s a nice picture of him perched on a skull in the Bone Chapel in Évora, though.

¬ Chris
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