La Línea to Seville; Seville to Lagos

We left La Línea in the early afternoon on the bus to Seville - three hours of nothing very interesting. In fact, the phrase “nothing very interesting” more or less summed up my impression of Seville itself. We were really only using it as a staging area for launching into Portugal, and as a quiet place to spend a couple of days catching up on email, writing, and uploading photos. None of this worked quite as planned, though: There was no peace and quiet as the hostel was full of a school group - at least thirty screaming twelve-year-old kids, and the internet connection was flaky and glacially slow. But at least it was a place to stop for a little while, and there was a nice rooftop terrace. Sheryl spent most of the time we were there bored out of her skull, but I was happy to just chill out. There wasn’t much in Seville that intrigued me - there’s a cathedral, which we’d seen on the walk from the bus station; City hall, which is covered in intricate carvings, and which we’d also seen on the walk; A reputedly nice Moorish palace which I wouldn’t have minded seeing, but which probably pales in comparison to the Alhambra in Granada; and a bullfight stadium, the mere thought of which disgusts me. The rest of the city seemed mainly shopping and the usual city stuff, so I didn’t feel like I was missing much.

Seville is very hot, as well. The afternoons averaged 42 or 43 degrees. It’s inland, away from the ocean, so there’s no cooling breeze to speak of, either. I like the heat and didn’t mind, but everyone at the hostel was dying and turning on air conditioners wherever they could.

After a couple of days it suddenly hit us just how much time we’d spent in Spain, and how tired we were of the country and how ready we were to move on. We caught the bus to Faro, in Portugal, and made a train connection to Lagos. Our Eurail passes became valid on the first of July, for three months, so now begins the fast-moving let’s-do-Europe section of the trip. After a couple of days relaxing in Lagos, at least.


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July 9th, 2008

had difficulty accessing your site for a while. Catching up.

¬ John sometimes known as Dad
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