Sunburn and Magic French Cream; More beach drunkenness; Lost night walking

The entire country of Spain seems to be under constant construction or renovation. The noise is ongoing, and stunning in volume and enthusiasm. Which is strange, because any time I’ve actually caught sight of a construction worker, they just seem to be standing around, relaxing, or taking siesta. I can only assume that the noise exists independently of the workers as some sort of free-floating autonomous entity composed of free-standing sound waves.

The best place to escape the noise in Málaga is the beach, naturally. Sheryl, Emilie and I escaped and spent the morning there. Emilie needed to leave early to pick up the keys to her new apartment, so after a couple of hours Sheryl left with her to get her pack from the hostel, and we made arrangements to meet for a beachside dinner picnic in the evening. Unfortunately the heat and sun sent me straight to sleep after Sheryl left, and I burnt the front side of my body to a nice fuschia. Sunburns don’t seem to last long for me anymore, though, so it will be gone in two or three days. Emilie has some sort of magic cream from France that is supposed to cure sunburns quickly, so I’ll steal some from her later.

It being our last night in Málaga, we decided to observe what was now a tradition and brought a bottle of wine and a few boxes of sangria down to the beach, and drank the sun down again. Sheryl was very tired from the heat and the drink hit her hard, so she left Emilie and I to our own devices and went off to sleep.

We watched the moon come up, still full, and afterward I walked her to her new apartment, which was easily an hour away at the other end of town. We took a wrong turn on the way there, and I took many on the way back, and so didn’t get to bed until very late, but it was a beautiful night for walking and I loved every second of the evening.


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August 6th, 2008

Hey Chris

Finally I get to sit down and start to catch up on what you and Sheryl have been up to. I’ve missed reading about your adventures and can’t wait to see what the last 5 weeks has brought you…wonder how long it’s going to take me to read all the dispatches and look at all the photos… :)

¬ Nicola
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