Museu Picasso; Crèpes and sangria, too much of both; Sundown on the beach

We had only two ambitions for Málaga - the beach and the Museu Picasso. Beach mission fulfilled yesterday, we joined forces with Fernanda from Brazil and Emilie from France and walked to the city centre to accomplish the museum. The perpetual subway construction makes the Calle Héroes de Sostoa a less than pleasant walk, but the historic centre of town is charming.

The museum was fantastic, with a huge collection of Picasso’s sketches and studies, as well as a photographic retrospective of his life by his friend Roberto Otero. That, plus the (dated but decent) documentary film showing in a separate room, gives you a real sense of both Picasso the man and Picasso the artist, and how little difference there was between the two. We all spent a few hours there without noticing the time passing, and afterward repaired to a street-side café for a pitcher of sangria.

While walking back to the hostel, Emilie and I had the brilliant idea of making crèpes for dinner. This turned out to be a good idea, because she’s a fantastic chef - not to mention intelligent, beautiful and susceptible to flattery (I hope, for the sake of future crèpes). We stuffed ourselves on dinner crèpes and then dessert crèpes. It’s a tough life.

After dinner we carried a few liters of cheap Spanish supermarket sangria down to the beach and drank the sun down, and then walked through the hot, dusty, empty darkened streets.


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June 20th, 2008

You are making me very envious.

¬ John sometimes known as Dad
June 21st, 2008


¬ jeremy
June 24th, 2008

I loved this site! Its great! I would like to have some pictures of this day we went to the MPM.

¬ Fernanda
July 1st, 2008

Stop the flatteries you re gonne make me blush!

¬ Emilie
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